“Expect Dating” Releases Still Cuts of Choi Daniel Gazing Pensively

KBS pilot drama “Expect Dating” (also known as “Anticipate Love”) released still cuts of Choi Daniel gazing pensively into the distance and then smiling brightly. Choi Daniel’s superior looks and great physique had female fans sighing in anticipation of the two-episode drama expected to air in September. Representatives from the drama said that fans should look forward to seeing a new side to the actor’s charms.

Pilot drama “Expect Dating” follows a group of women and men in their twenties and thirties, and the ups-and-downs of their relationships. BoA plays the character of Ju Yeon Ae who has been stung in the past by dating a string of bad boys. Choi Daniel plays the character of Cha Gi Dae who is a dating coach that is able to read women’s hearts and understand their desires and motivations. Im Siwan plays the character of Jeong Jin Gook who is in love with Ju Yeon Ae. Kim Ji Won plays the character of Choi Sae Rom who represents the trendy mil-ddang (push-pull) woman who melts the hearts of men with the games she plays.