Soo Ae Almost Became A Girl Group Member!

Would you believe it if Han Ga In, Lee Min Jung or Moon Chae Won became part of a girl group? Well, what if they were trained to become the designated rapper? Impossible, right? Well, it almost became a reality for another actress, Soo Ae.

On August 17, a reporter from KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” visited the actress for an interview. He mentioned that she took on the role of a singer for 2008 movie “Someone Dear Is Far Away” and commented that she almost became a part of a girl group.

She admitted it’s true. “I was a trainee preparing to debut with a girl group before I made my official acting debut. I was in charge of rap. I don’t have talent for singing or dancing at the time- now as well. But, at that time, I thought that I could get better in rap and dance with a lot of effort. So I was determined and practiced a lot.”

The reporter asked, “So, if you practice a lot, do you get better?” She laughed, “No. I’ve learned that there are things that can’t be achieved even with a lot of practice.”

The reporter also asked, “What if you prepared to debut during this generation of girl groups?” She responded, “I would probably would have been in the news for poor performance. For not being able to do this or that.”

Soompiers, which girl group would have been the best match for Soo Ae? Fin.K.L, S.E.S or Baby V.O.X?

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