AA Is Done with Love and Is “OK About It” in New MV

Boy group Double A (AA) is back with a new dance track, “OK About It” as well as a new member, Jin Hong!

Double A’s first single album, “OK About It” has a different, lighter feel to their previous, darker songs like “Because I’m Crazy” or “Come Back.” It is a fun dance track for the last few weeks of the remaining summer season.

“OK About It” is about a guy who is fed up with his girlfriend’s bad attitude and actions, and decides to break up with her and still be “OK about it.” The music video opens with a voice-over by the veteran actress Kim Soo Mi, pretending to be one of the member’s mother, telling him that she’ll be away from the house and to not bring his friends for a party.

The Double A members have on new looks and styles, raising the quality of their image! With the new addition of Jin Hong, who is one of the youngest idols out there at the moment (he was born in 1998), Double A is back with a strong punch to the K-Pop scene.

Check out the MV below!