Ha Yeon Soo Is Lost in a New City for “Vogue Girl”

Rising actress Ha Yeon Soo has revealed her multi-charms in a recent photo shoot.

Fashion magazine “Vogue Girl” released a few cuts of Ha Yeon Soo’s photo shoot on August 19.

The concept of this photo shoot was a girl’s loneliness in an unfamiliar city. The photo shoot is reported to have taken place in Hong Kong’s Soho district for over eight hours. Despite the long hours, Ha Yeon Soo was energetic and bright as she showed her professional demeanor.

Meanwhile, Ha Yeon Soo successfully made her mark in the entertainment industry by the tvN drama, “Monstar.” She has been cast as the female lead of the new sitcom, “Potato Star 2013QR3.”

This “Vogue Girl” photo shoot of Ha Yeon Soo can be found in the September issue.

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