Sayuri Proposes to Kim Jong Gook on “Running Man”

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” which was aired on August 18, Sayuri showed strong interest in Kim Jong Gook.

When Sayuri and Haha became partners, she was asked, “Is there anyone else you would rather partner up with here?” Sayuri answered without hesitation, “Kim Jong Gook. He is lovely from head to toe.”

During a conversation with Haha, Sayuri also revealed that she would like to get married by next year, and she is interested in Kim Jong Gook. When Haha asked if she wanted help, Sayuri begged adorably,”You should totally help me.”

When everyone gathered together, Haha tried to create a romantic atmosphere. He told Kim Jong Gook, “Sayuri is ready to get married. She is a great woman.” Sayuri also was not shy about her feelings as she said to Kim Jong Gook, “Let’s eat chicken breast and protein shakes together.”

Fans that saw this episode commented, “I think she really likes him,” “Sayuri is so cute,” and “They would make a great couple.”

sayuri kim jong gook running man