Park Yoo Chun to Make Big Screen Debut with “Sea Fog”

JYJ‘s Park Yoo Chun will be making his big screen debut!

Park Yoo Chun has been cast as the male lead for “Sea Fog,” which is directed by Shim Sung Bo and produced by the famous Bong Joon Ho (“The Host,” “Snow Piercer”).

On August 19, film industry insiders revealed that Park Yoo Chun has made his final decision and is looking to sign the contract. One particular source spoke with OSEN and said, “After a long-time discussion, Park Yoo Chun has confirmed to join the film cast and is working out the details of the contract.”

Park Yoo Chun will be playing a sailor named Dong Shik, who works under the ship’s captain, played by Kim Yoon Suk. It is reported that the role of Dong Shik is so attractive that many male actors in their twenties and thirties wanted it but lost it to Park Yoo Chun.

This will be Park Yoo Chun’s first step into the film industry after successful runs in the K-dramaland. He has made special appearances in films in the past but this will be his first official leaing role in a film.

Park Yoo Chun has proven his exceptional acting skills in dramas such as “I Miss You,” “Rooftop Prince,” and “Sungkyunkwan Scandal,” and has finally ventured into the big screen market.

Meanwhile, “Sea Fog” will be produced by Bong Joon Ho, who is currently seeing much success with “Snow Piercer.” “Sea Fog” will be directed by Shim Sung Bo, who worked on “Memories of Murder” in the past. “Sea Fog” is based on a 2007 play and is about a certain ship and its crew out on the vast sea. It is to start filming in the middle of October.