Tasty to Join SMTOWN Beijing Concert Lineup, Infinite Can’t Attend Due to World Tour

On August 19, a certain news agency reported that Infinite would be joining the line-up for an SM concert. However, SM C&C sources commented, “Infinite won’t be able to join the SM concert due to their world tour.”

The source continued, “Tasty will be attending the SMTOWN Beijing concert in October,” marking the first Woollim appearance in an SM event after the merge. However, Nell and Infinite will not be performing at the concert.

Previously, the public was put through a shock to hear the news of Woollim Entertainment merging with SM’s SM C&C to form Woollim Label on August 9. After many voiced their concerns over the Woollim artists’ futures, the agency assured that the artists’ music won’t change.

Infinite’s schedule after they return from their world tour is not yet decided and the public is yet to see Woollim’s top group perform on one stage with DBSK, Girls’ Generation and other SM artists.