Seo In Guk Is A Sexy Boxer for “Men’s Health”

Singer and actor Seo In Guk was recently featured in the September issue of “Men’s Health” magazine. 

Seo In Guk’s concept for the photo shoot was none other than a boxer training in what appears to be a cool, underground basement. Whether he has his tank on or not, Seo In Guk looks like he’s in top shape! Just check out the photos below!

The actor currently plays the role of Kang Woo, in the currently airing drama series, “Master’s Sun.” His character discovers actress Gong Hyo Jin‘s character Tae Gong Sil asleep on the roof, which then marks the beginning of their quirky friendship.

September’s issue will also feature an interview with the talented Seo In Guk as he talks about his foray into the acting field and his current project.

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