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자람 프로젝트 (Jaram Project)
July 2013
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Under the Radar - Jaram Project Group

Jaram Project is a jazz indie duo. The name “Jaram” is a combination of the members’ names- “JA” and “Aram”. Their debut song “당신의 한강” reflects Aram’s soft vocals, mixed with JA’s deep and slick rap skills. The song fits together each part well; no part is too overpowering, and they combine to make a great track.

The two may have just officially formed as a project group, but this is not their first collaboration. They have worked together for about five years, featuring in numerous songs like “Be My Guest”, “너의 꿈을 꿨어”, and “Breath.”

Aram doesn’t just lend her voice to the two Jaram Project singles, but she has also performed a number of coveres, such as J.Rabbit’s “Love Song,” mixing it with Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra,” Secret’s “Magic,” and Jung Yeop’s “Nothing Better.” Other songs she has covered are Bruno Mars’ “Lazy Song,” Maroon 5’s “Payphone,” and Chris Brown’s “Fine China.” Meanwhile, JA has been a JNPB, SALON 01, and JA+Aeizoku member. He worked in the underground hip hop scene and became a well known music producer working with many hip hop artists like The Quiett, Huckleberry P, Rhythm Power, and Rhyme-A. In 2008, JA earned a Rookie of the Year award for selected musician and Album of the Year for “Double Feature.” In 2009, his “90 Selection” album won for portal site Daum’s Well Made Album award, as well as Naver Music’s Pop Album Recommended award in 2012 for his “Shining Moments” album.

Although my preference is towards Aram’s vocals and not JA’s solo rap releases, as a duo I find them to have perfect balance and comforting melodies. Most definitely the duo will likely release new singles as they are quite charming.


Under the Radar - Jaram Project Aram

아람 (Aram)
Position: Vocal
Full name: 이아람 (Lee A Ram)
Born: February 27, 1992
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Under the Radar - Jaram Project JA

제이에이 (JA)
Position: Rap
Real name: 강준모 (Kang Joon Mo)
Born: April 21, 1983
Debut: July 2007
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Under the Radar - Jaram Project Single 1

당신의 한강 (Single)
Released: 2013.07.11

01당신의 한강
02당신의 한강 (Inst.)

Under the Radar - Jaram Project Single 2

딱 한마디만 해줄래 (Single)
Released: 2013.08.09

01딱 한마디만 해줄래
02딱 한마디만 해줄래 (Inst.)


[AUDIO] 당신의 한강

[AUDIO] 딱 한마디만 해줄래

Aram – Love Song (J. Rabbit Cover)

Aram & Jayho – Fine China (Chris Brown Cover)

Aram – Just Vibe (Cover)

Aram – Payphone (Maroon 5 Cover)

[AUDIO] JA – 아무도 못말려 (Feat. Huckleberry P & RHYME-A-)

[AUDIO] JA – Everyday Struggle (Feat. 리듬파워 & DJ Wegun)

Credits & Sources: Daum Jaram Project Music Page, Naver Jaram Project Music  krnxzephyr@Youtube, leea2ram@Youtube, TheJARAMPROJECT@Youtube, Mardi09@Soompi (compilation + translations)


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