“Expect Dating” Releases Stills of BoA and Im Siwan’s Cute First Encounter

What will BoA and Im Siwan‘s first encounter in their upcoming drama be like?

Stills of BoA and Im Siwan’s first scene together in “Expect Dating” have been released.

In the drama, BoA plays Joo Yeon Ae, an unpredictable dating “heo dang” (a person who has a lot of shortcomings) and Im Siwan plays Jung Jin Gook, a cute dating beginner. The two meet in a subway station and the stills show a slightly tense yet curious atmosphere between the actors.

expect dating boa siwan stills 082013

It is reported that since Im Siwan debuted as an actor before BoA, she jokingly called him “sunbae-nim,” (senior) while Siwan called her “hoobae-nim” (junior) throughout the filming. The two have reportedly gotten very close and stuck together on set for long periods of time.

Sources commented, “BoA and Im Siwan’s relationship will show a different kind of charm than the Choi Daniel and Kim Ji Won couple. It will be fun to watch the two different couples,” and “Just by watching, you will have a smile on your face.”

“Expect Dating” is expected to air in September, possibly after “Sword and Flower” ends.