Henry Prefers No Shirt and Kangin is Masculine Chic for “Arena Homme”

Super Junior‘s Kangin and Henry have transformed into sexy autumn men for a recent “Arena Homme” photo shoot.

Kangin and Henry’s photo shoot and interview for the September edition of “Arena Homme” has been revealed. Both idols bring out the autumn atmosphere and a sexy masculinity through the photos. Kangin’s individual cut shows his maturity and stylishness while Henry’s individual cut drew attention for his washboard abs.

Kangin, who is nearing his thirties, commented, “I thought I would become an adult around my thirties but I still feel like a twenty-year-old kid,” and “I become more careful with my words and actions than before.”

He continued, “A man needs to know how to look at just one thing at a time,” and “I want to remain as a good person.”

Henry also reminisced to his first days in Korea and said, “I didn’t know the language or the culture very well so it was really hard at first,” and “Every time things got hard, I watched movies and kept thinking that it’s nothing.”

More photos and interview excerpts can be found in the September issue of “Arena Homme.”

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