Crayon Pop Accused of Copying Momoiro Clover Z’s Stage Costumes

A trending thread on community forums has compiled a rather compelling group of images of Crayon Pop and Japanese female idol group Momoiro Clover Z outfitted in similar-themed outfits.

The first couple of photos show both girl groups wearing red tracksuits. The second pair of photos reveal Momorio Clover Z in “Power Ranger”-inspired outfits while Crayon Pop is shown wearing similarly multi-colored uniforms and helmets. The final set show both girl groups wearing name tags. 


Momoiro Clover Z first debuted in 2008 and have risen to popularity because of their unique concepts for music and style.

Many came to Crayon Pop’s defense, stating that 45RPM released a hip-hop song before and had performed it while wearing helmets and dancing the “Power Ranger” dance, but that no one had accused them of copying Momorio Clover Z.

And as for the name tags, some netizens explained that it was normal for swimsuits to bear name tags in Japanese schools- therefore, Momoiro Clover Z had been wearing them just for their sake of their “School Swimsuit” song concept. As for Crayon Pop, it was explained that they were wearing name tags since they were a rookie group at a rehearsal before a music show broadcast. 

It has been reported that Crayon Pop and their entertainment company have been shocked to read about such accusations, but have been doing their best to address them. 

Netizens commented, “Did Crayon Pop really copy Momoiro Clover Z’s style?”, “I thought Crayon Pop was unique and different until now, but I guess I was wrong. Really disappointed”, “Just because they picked photos where they look the most similar doesn’t prove anything,” and “If you did a simple online search, you could totally tell their styles are not the same.”