Yuri’s Cousin Was in the MV for R&B Remake of SISTAR’s “Loving You”

Recently, it was revealed that group Girls’ Generation‘s member Yuri‘s younger cousin appeared in a music video.

Yuri’s cousin, Cha Hyun Jung, is currently studying music at the Berklee College. She met recently with the popular composer duo Double Side Kick, and was chosen to appear on the MV of Mikey‘s R&B remake of SISTAR‘s “Loving You.” She can be seen playing the keyboard. 

Cha Hyun Jung is currently receiving a lot of attention from netizens due to her impressive background. In addition to being a cousin of Yuri and attending prestigious school, Cha Hyun Jung also has the looks as she shows off her beautiful facial features and long hair.

Meanwhile, the new version of “Loving You” was released as a digital single on August 16, 2013.