BoA and ZE:A’s Im Siwan Film Their Kiss Scene for 90 Minutes

Recently, it was revealed that BoA and Im Siwan filmed their kiss scene for KBS’s upcoming drama “Expect Dating” on August 20, 2013.

The filming took place at a condo in Sok Cho. At first, both BoA and Im Siwan were awkward with each other causing the director to joke, ‘Are you guys trying to do CPR on each other?’ However soon after, the two were able to follow the directions, with BoA and Im Siwan getting into the scene.  They filmed the scene for 90 minutes. 

The representative from the drama said, “The filming took place early in the morning so everyone was very tired. However, BoA and Im Siwan were able to create a positive atmosphere for the staff, which made it much easier for everyone.”

“Expect Dating” is to be aired on KBS September 5 after the drama “The Blade and Petal” ends.