Honey-G Makes Official Debut with “Baboya” MV

Will Honey-G become the next Busker Busker?

Male trio Honey-G officially made its debut by releasing its first studio album on August 22. It’s been revealed that the members spent the past six months working hard on the album and it consists of ten tracks including “You” and title track “Baboya.”

Critics are surprised by the gutsy move of a rookie group releasing a full track where many companies are trying to play safe and releasing digital and mini albums. This move shows that the group is confident of and is willing to take the risk and releasing a full album.

The title track is a pop ballad with a laid back jazz influence featuring brass instruments. It shows how anyone can become a babo (translation: idiot) when the person falls in love.

The music video features actor Yoo Yeon Seok, who recently starred in the MBC Drama “Gu Family Book.” It shows him portraying the story of the lyrics, which is about a man who loves his female friend who already has another boyfriend. He wakes up to receive a call from her, and she complains that her boyfriend blew her off. She comes over, and he cooks for her, during which he asks tentatively, “Your boyfriend…can it be me?”

Will it have a happy ending? Check it out below!