[Exclusive] Ladies’ Code Answers Questions From Fans in Interview, Winners of Giveaway Announced!

Ladies’ Code released the digital single “Hate You” earlier this month and the group also snagged their first endorsement deal with none other than Pepsi!

Soompi recently teamed up with Polaris Entertainment to bring you closer to the lovely members of Ladies’ Code and ask them all sorts of questions that’s burning in your hearts. The girls went through and picked five of the many interesting questions to answer and the respective Soompiers won personalized autograph polaroids!

Did they answer your question? Find out by watching the clip below! Don’t forget to click CC for English subs! French, Portuguese, and Spanish subs coming soon!

Congrats to the winners of the CD giveaway! Please check your Twitter’s DM for more info!


By the way, did you check out the group’s “Hate You” music video yet?

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