Park Hyung Shik Picks A Pink As Celebrity He Wants to Do Kiss Scene With

ZE:A‘s hottest member of the moment, Park Hyung Shik, picked A Pink as the celebrity he wants to do a kiss scene with.

Park Hyung Shik was a guest on Kim Shin Young‘s MBC show recently with the other ZE:A members.

During the show, Kim Shin Young asked, “If you want to be an acting-dol, kiss scenes are a must. Who is the celebrity you want to do a kiss scene with?” At first, Park Hyung Shik was flustered, trying to avoid answering the question. Then Kim Dong Jun chimed, “He already had a kiss scene with Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny for a musical. After that, he became an enemy of Girls’ Generation fans,” as a joke.

Park Hyung Shik tried to glaze over the question by saying, “There is no one that I want to do a kiss scene with,” but Kevin answered for him, “I know Park Hyung Shik’s ideal type. She’s the one who sang ‘No No No.’” After being flustered for a moment, Park Hyung Shik finally admitted, “I received a lot of strength from A Pink even in the army.”

Kevin also mentioned that “Clara wearing the green bikini” is his ideal type during the show as well!

Meanwhile, ZE:A is actively promoting their latest single, “Ghost of the Wind.”