Seulong and Goo Hara Rock the Chic Couple Look for “Dazed & Confused”

2AM‘s Im Seulong and Kara‘s Goo Hara is one smoking hot couple for a recent photo shoot for “Dazed & Confused” magazine!

The two idols, who have been close friends since their debut, have always wanted to do a photo shoot together and finally, they got a chance to work together.

Im Seulong and Goo Hara are dripping with young sex appeal, almost like a rock couple from the sixties. The concept of the photo shoot was “like friends, like lovers” and the two idols gave various poses such as looking into each others eyes, holding hands and giving back hugs.

Just as Im Seulong commented, “We’re so close that it didn’t feel awkward at all when we touched each other,” when the shutters were going off, he immediately and naturally acted like a couple with Goo Hara but once the cameras were off, the two went back to goofing around like friends.

Goo Hara says that their friendship is going on for about five years now and that they both share many of their thoughts and worries with each other. Due to the friendship, the photo shoot was able to carry on smoothly and comfortably.

The interview after the photo shoot contains stories on how these two super stars became close, how they have similar personalities and other stories on their friendship.

Check out the smoking hot photos below!

dazed im seulong goo hara

dazed im seulong goo hara 2