“Music Bank” Shortened 20 Minutes, Jo Kwon’s New Show Fills Airtime

Recently on August 19, KBS announced that its popular music program “Music Bank” will now be 20 minutes shorter.

Until now, “Music Bank” has started at 6:10PM local time on Fridays and ended at 7:50PM, making it a 100 minute program. However now, it will be starting 20 minutes later than its original time, which would be at 6:30PM.

It was also announced that a new program titled “Global Request Show: A Song for You” is to fill this 20 minutes. Hosted by group 2AM‘s Jo Kwon and the daily guest, “Global Request Show” will be an interactive program that allows fans to be part of the show. Viewers will be asked to send a request online, and Jo Kwon and the guest will pick and sing the song.