Kim Yoo Jung Takes on Her First Villain Role

Young actress Kim Yoo Jung departs from her usual sweet image to play a villain in a new film. According to a report in local news agencies, the young actress joins the movie “Elegant Lies,” directed by Lee Han, in which she plays Hwa Yeon. Hwa Yeon is described as an outwardly bright and cheerful character, but hides her true nature. Behind her gentle smile lies a bully who enjoys torturing her peers. 

The film itself centers around the suicide of a 14-year-old girl, played by Kim Hyang Ki (“The Queen’s Classroom“). Her sudden death leaves behind her mother (Kim Hee Ae) and an older sister (Go Ah Sung), and how the two cope with her loss. It is based on a novel by Kim Ryu Ryung, who also wrote the novel on which Yoo Ah In‘s “Wandeukyi” (or “Punch”) is based. “Wandeukyi” was also directed by Lee Han.

“Elegant Lies” is set to begin shooting at the end of the month.