Suzy Unleashes Her Inner Vixen and Talks Pole Dancing in “Cosmopolitan Korea”

Miss A member and actress Suzy appeared in a photo shoot and interview for the September issue of “Cosmopolitan Korea.” Suzy, Kim Hee Sun, and Shin Min Ah were featured on individual covers in honor of the fashion magazine’s 13th anniversary. In the photo shoot, Suzy unleashes her inner vixen and dazzles with her wide eyes and slinky poses. The “nation’s first love” talks about her schedule and hobbies and gives fans a glimpse of her every-day life.

On her schedule, Suzy said: “I have a lot of filming to do. I also do a lot of photo shoots and commercial advertisement shoots. I also have the album preparation period, and if I have some time left over, I study things that I want to learn. These days, I am learning exercise cum pole dancing.” 

Suzy continued: “Usually, I really like learning anything. It’s just regretful that I don’t have enough time. Pole dancing is extremely difficult but dynamic and fun.” 

On being in her twenties (Suzy turns 19 years old in October, but 20 years old in Korean age), Suzy said: “Now, I can watch rated R movies as if they are nothing! Because I love going to movie theaters, I go quite often. Ah, even though it will still be some time before I prepare for my driver’s license, for now, I bought a book. Even though I can’t go clubbing often, on January 1, some time ago, I went with my company colleagues.”

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