Park Shi Hoo Spotted Participating in a Photoshoot

Park Shi Hoo, who is reported to be resting in the United States, has recently been spotted taking part in a photoshoot.

This is capturing a lot of interest from fans and the public alike because of his agency’s earlier comment that “his return to Korea is still undecided” and “it’s not true that he will be returning at the end of [August].”

In the two released pictures, Park Shi Hoo looks sleek in his formal attire. In the left, the picture is taken while he is in mid-step. His hair is slicked back and his expression is hidden behind his shades. In the right, the location looks to be a photoshoot set. He’s in all black and looks to be in the middle of a mysterious photoshoot.

Park Shi Hoo was involved in a messy rape scandal earlier this year with actress trainee “A.” He has later been cleared of all charges.

park shi hoo inside