Kim Gura Calls Out on IU’s Lacking Explanation on Twitter Scandal

On August 22, Kim Gura called out singer IU on JTBC‘s “War of Words” for her hedging any questions about her Twitter scandal with Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk on her latest appearance on “Hwashin.” 

He explained, “We didn’t want to hear IU just say, ‘It was a mistake.’ After postponing appearances on talk shows for so long, coming out and saying ‘I made a mistake’ was not enough. The viewers didn’t want to know the reason why she uploaded the photo on Twitter, but instead wanted to know what exactly the relationship between the two stars was. Of course, I did try to ask her about their relationship, but she flatly refused to talk about the issue further. Then again, the producers of the show and IU probably reached an agreement about that beforehand.”

He added, “Sure enough, soon after the episode aired, the viewers’ voiced their dissatisfaction.”