Yoo Ah In Wraps His Leg Around Park Seul Ki For Laughs

Actors Yoo Ah In and Park Seul Ki recently teamed up for a humorous and quirky photo shoot for fashion brand “Jack & Jill.”

On August 24, photos of Yoo Ah In and Park Seul Ki were shared on “Jack & Jill”‘s Facebook page. The adorable pair were dressed in casual and stylish clothes as they struck funny poses and made priceless expressions. 

After finishing up their interview with an entertainment reporter, Yoo Ah In and Park Seul Ki proved just how comfortable they were with each other for the camera. The photos were part of “Jack & Jill”‘s upcoming Fall/Winter clothing line.

“Jack & Jill” representatives praised both actors saying, ‘Yoo Ah In and Park Seul Ki seemed like best friends on set. They matched each other’s expressions and poses with the photographer’s shutter speed to display their amazing chemistry.”

Additional footage from the photo shoot will also be released in MBC‘s “Section TV Entertainment Talk” on August 25!

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