Roy Kim Leaves Korea for Georgetown University

After being plagued by plagiarism rumors, singer Roy Kim has decided to leave it all behind for now and focus on pursuing a degree. He has reassured fans that he plans to return to music perhaps in one year’s time.

After Roy Kim’s successful hit “Bom Bom Bom” began rising up the charts, netizens began to criticize the song for being too similar to Kim Kwang Suk‘s “Where the Wind Blows” and the Norwegian band A-ha‘s “Take On Me. Some netizens went as far as to create a “RoJinYo” cafe to demand the truth from the singer regarding the matter. 

The singer left for the United States to pursue his degree at Georgetown University on August 25. Photos of Roy Kim waving farewell to his fans were shared on online portal sites. 

He will be joining his college peers this fall and kicking off his first semester of his freshman year as a fellow “Hoya.”