ZE:A’s Hyung Shik Actually Debuted 4 Years Ago

Recently, group ZE:A‘s member Park Hyung Shik‘s past photos are receiving a lot of attention from his fans.

On an online community bulletin board, several pictures were uploaded under the title, “Park Hyung Shik four years ago.”

In the released photos are the captured images of Hyung Shik, who appeared on Jewelry S‘s “Date” music video. Hyung Shik has long hair and chubbier cheeks. As he smiles for the camera, Park Hyung Shik looks youthful and adorable in these images.

Fans who saw these photos commented, “He looked great four years ago,” “Hyung Shik looks so young like a baby,” “How cute,” and “Didn’t know he was in a music video.”

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