Jung Joon Young is a Moody, Dark Rocker in Upcoming “Singles” Photo Shoot

Jung Joon Young will be featured in a photo shoot and interview for the September issue of style magazine “Singles.” In the photo shoot, Jung Joon Young portrayed a moody, dark rocker and showed off his handsome looks.

In the interview, Jung Joon Young talked about a rule he lives by and said: “The thing I hate the most is doing a shoot where there are lots of people. It’s not that I get embarrassed by lots of people staring at me, but that I dislike blocking the paths of people who are walking around in the area. For example, if I was walking by and had to stop because of someone filming in the area, I would dislike that. Because of that, [my rule is] I try my best to act in a way that does not harm other people.”

In other news, Jung Joon Young will be featured in the September issue of “Sure.”  Jung Joon Young also appeared in photo shoots and interviews for the August issues of “Arena” and “Vogue Girl.”