Jung Joon Young Goes Back to Nature for Upcoming “Sure” Photo Shoot

Aspiring rock star Jung Joon Young will be featured in a photo shoot and interview for the September issue of “Cosmo Men.”  The “Superstar K” contestant, who made it into the top three, showed off his lean, long figure and shows his natural side.  Before getting his big break on “Superstar K,” Jung Joon Young modeled and even appeared on a reality program “Ulzzang Generation” (which specifically cast only pretty faces) to earn money to support his dream of becoming a musician. 

In the interview, Jung Joon Young talks about his hopes, and said: “Even though I don’t have pride in myself, the pride I have towards music is big.  I have a lot of worries over what songs I will put in my first album.”

 In other news, Jung Joon Young appeared in photo shoots and interviews for the August issues of “Arena” and “Vogue Girl.”  In “Arena,” Jung Joon Young talks about his seriousness in wanting to be a musician.  In “Vogue Girl,” Jung Joon Young talks about his writing process and the kind of music he wants to write.