“Let Me In 3” Transforms Bullied Girl Into YoonA Through Plastic Surgery

On August 22, StoryOn TV makeover program “Let Me In 3” aired its fourth episode which featured the plastic surgery transformation of Bang Mi Jung into Girls’ Generation member YoonA

Bang Mi Jung, 23 years old, applied to the show previously but was not selected for the show.  However, later, when the show doctors reconsidered failed applicants, they felt that Bang Mi Jung had the most emotionally painful story of that group and decided to give her the plastic surgery makeover. 

From elementary school to high school, Bang Mi Jung endured harassment and teasing from other students due to her looks.  Finally, Bang Mi Jung reached her breaking point and dropped out of her high school in South Korea.  She then, paying private tuition fees, studied abroad at a high school in the Philippines.  Bang Mi Jung thought she had escaped the ridicule she had faced back in her home country but found that students were the same everywhere and endured more harassment in her new high school.  

“Let Me In 3” doctors said that in addition to having an extremely protruding chin and jawline, Bang Mi Jung also had crossbite and open bite issues which required dental work.    

After having a series of complex surgeries, Bang Mi Jung’s transformation left “Let Me In 3” hosts Hwang Shin Hye, Kim Joon Hee, and Lee Kyung Min in shock and awe at her newly found attractiveness.  Viewers thought that Bang Mi Jung now looked like Girls’ Generation’s YoonA.  A grateful Bang Mi Jung said that for as much help and kindness she had received, she would not let herself become depressed again and would show herself living confidently and productively.      

YoonA-lookalike YoonA-lookalike2