G-Dragon Releases First Teaser Pic for “Coup D’Etat”

Big Bang member and solo artist G-Dragon has released his first teaser pic for his upcoming second full-length album “Coup D’Etat.” 

On August 26, G-Dragon retweeted a tweet from YG Family releasing his first teaser pic with the caption: “[G-DRAGON – ‘COUP D’ETAT’ TEASER PIC #1] originally posted by http://yg-life.com.” In the teaser pic, G-Dragon’s face is hidden by a black ski mask and only his eyes gazing steadily at the viewer can be seen. Across the bottom half of the pic are the words: “COMING VERY SOON. G-DRAGON. COUP D’ETAT.”

YG representatives said that fans, who have waited patiently for a second full-length album, will be excited and happy to hear G-Dragon’s new work. G-Dragon’s new album will be full of collaborations with internationally-renowned, music industry-recognized artists such as Missy Elliott and DJ Diplo. Following 2009 full-length album “Heartbreaker” and 2012 mini-album “One of a Kind,” fans are wondering what the next chapter of G-Dragon’s musical evolution will be like. On a related note, G-Dragon performed at KCON 2013 and took a picture with Missy Elliott.