BEAST Releases Special MV for “How To Love” with Handwritten Letters for Fans

As BEAST prepares to wind down and wrap up their promotions, a special music video for “How To Love” was released for the fans.

BEAST held their goodbye stage on “Inkigayo” on August 25 as they sang “How To Love” in their sweet and charming voices. After the broadcast, BEAST’s official YouTube channel uploaded the special music video, which contains a special letter written by each BEAST member for all the fans.

The music video also shows various behind-the-scenes photos from BEAST’s activities such as the “B2UTY GATHER” project, BEAST’s solo concert “Beautiful Show 2013,” and other programs and events.

Leader Yoon Doo Joon wrote, “Five weeks went by so quickly. Even though everything seems to be changing, it feels like you all and we have stayed the same together so I was so proud.”

Jang Hyun Seung mentioned, “Although it was short, it was a time that we felt how precious you were and how thankful we are. I hope your memories of July and August of 2013 were as beautiful and happy as mine.”

Yang Yoseob also wrote, “We received so much love during a short amount of period. We will come back better and more mature than we are now. I love you.”

Son Dong Woon wrote, “Some may love us and some may not but we will try even harder to make everyone love at least our music,” while Yong Jun Hyung mentioned, “We started promoting this album with a lot of pressure but because of all of the B2UTIES, we were able to gain great memories. We will repay you with better music and performances in the future. I love you.”

Finally, Lee Ki Kwang wrote, “I could truly feel how long you B2UTIES waited for us through this album. BEAST cannot exist without the B2UTIES. I mean it!”

Check out the music video for “How To Love” below and in the meantime, BEAST will be throwing their solo concert “Beautiful Show 2013” on September 28.