Lim Kim Releases Jazzy End-of-Summer Single “Rain”

The ever so charming Lim Kim releases a music video for her brand new single, “Rain,” which will be part of her upcoming mini-album.

Previously, we reported that “Rain” is a collaborative work among Lim Kim, who wrote the lyrics, Yoon Jong Shin, who compose the track, and Lee Hyori‘s fiance Lee Sang Soon, who arranged the track and played the guitar.

“Rain” is a lovely and slow-tempo jazzy track that showcases Lim Kim’s distinctive and siren-worthy voice. The music video also shows Lim Kim’s radiating and increasing beauty. Perfect for the winding summer season, “Rain” is sure to set the mood for a romantic, wistful and laidback rainy day!

Check out the music video for Lim Kim’s “Rain” below!