Shin Min Ah and Park Hae Il to Meet Again on the Big Screen

Park Hae Il and Shin Min Ah will meet on the big screen once again!

According to film industry sources, Park Hae Il and Shin Min Ah have confirmed their casting for the upcoming movie, “Gyeongju.” This is their second film together after the 2009 film, “A Million.”

“Gyeongju” is about a man (Park Hae Il), who takes a trip to the city of Gyeongju to walk down memory lane. Shin Min Ah plays a tea house owner that he meets along the way.

The public is highly anticipating this film, especially since it is Shin Min Ah’s return to the big screen for the first time in a while. Shin Min Ah is expected to shed her bubbly, cute and bright image and put on a whole other light for this film.

Shin Min Ah is known to be interested in short and independent films. After reading the scenario for “Gyeongju,” it is said that she made up her mind right away after feeling the desire to walk down a new path as an actress.

A particular source spoke with Newsen and said, “This film is like a road movie and it close to a rom-com genre,” and “Like the title, the film is set in the northern Gyeongsang province in Gyeongju city. The actual filming will take place there as well.”

This source also added, “It is a low budget film and there aren’t that many scenes either,” and “However, the film will be completely different from the director Zhang Lu‘s previous films. It’s not that bright but it’s not that dark either. It has a clear message.”

Director Zhang Lu worked on past films such as “Grain In Ear,” “Chungking Express” and “Iri.”

“Gyeongju” is planned to be released either later this year or early next year.