Yeo Jin Goo Is Growing Up Well for GQ Korea and Vogue

With his highly anticipated film “Hwai” to be released in October, Yeo Jin Goo has posed for a couple magazines, showing that he is growing up to be quite a handsome, young man!

Yeo Jin Goo recently posed for GQ Korea and Vogue magazines. For the GQ photo shoot, he sports various outfits, classing it up in a tux and also toning it down with a cable knit sweater. Actor Kim Yoon Suk posed alongside Yeo Jin Goo for the Vogue photo shoot, with Yeo Jin Goo intensely staring at his senior in a dark and moody atmosphere. His maturity and handsome looks are melting nunas’ hearts all over the world!

During the GQ interview, Yeo Jin Goo spoke about his upcoming role in “Hwai.” He said, “My character is like a thick root. His background of being raised by criminals was very new to me and I really wanted to do an action genre.” He continued, “Even after the film shooting ended, my emotions were still strongly into the character so I took a lot of time to myself. I learned what it felt like to be in a project for a long time.”

He also talked about his thoughts on many articles commenting on him growing up and said, “They say my face is looking more like an adult now but I am still a boy and a minor. Sometimes, I want to shout out that I’m not an adult yet.”

When asked if he ever drinks or smokes in secret to look like an adult, he answered, “I have never drank alcohol before. But sometimes, when my guy friends invite to have a drink, they say it so naturally so I feel like at some point, I will have to drink.”

Meanwhile, Yeo Jin Goo’s new film “Hwai” will hit theaters in October and his GQ and Vogue pictorials can be found in their September issues.

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