Park Han Byul Denies Break-Up Rumors with Se7en and Dating Rumors with Ryu Hyun Jin

On August 26, Park Han Byul topped headlines for two different rumors: a break-up rumor with her boyfriend Se7en and a dating rumor with the LA Dodgers star pitcher Ryu Hyun Jin.

However, her agency, JF Entertainment spoke with eNEWS and said, “The break up rumors and dating rumors that were reported today are all false,” and “Park Han Byul is still dating Se7en and her dating rumor with Ryu Hyun Jin is just something from the tabloids.”

Earlier, a particular news agency reported, “Park Han Byul has ended her 11 year relationship with singer Se7en,” and “Although they were lovers for a long time, they decided to stay as friends when Se7en entered the military.”

However, Park Han Byul’s reps denied the rumors and said, “They are still in a good relationship,” and “Despite Se7en’s recent hardships, the couple’s love for each other has not changed.”

Regarding her relationship with Ryu Hyun Jin, her agency strongly emphasized that it is just a tabloid rumor and that it is not true.