Monthly Underrated K-Pop New Music Releases – August

August gave us many deep emotional ballads from great artists. New singles and albums featured this month were from July 30th through August 26th.

Duo Baby Sister (consisting of girl group Playa’s A Jeong and Labo) released a fierce ballad track “Liar” while D-Day’s “Shiny Day” is a slower and cheerful pop ballad.

Debuting this month is reggae artist Gome with “Dream Song.” The unique and non mainstream sound of the song brings out the artist and his raw voice is showcased greatly throughout. Singer-songwriter Anna(.cha) also debuts with her single “My Angel.” The beautiful melody of the self-titled track “My Angel” displays her sweet and lovely vocals.

Soum Band’s “A Little Girl’s Prayer” is a medium-tempo indie track with a soothing melody whereas we see 2LSON return with a new single featuring hip hop vocalist Crybaby and Show Me the Money 2’s rapper DinDin. 2LSON plans to release a mini album in October. To end, Ju Bora released her heartwarming track “Hello.” The touching lyrics fused with the acoustic guitar music gives the feeling of a dramatic passionate emotion.

Do check out the rest of the amazing August releases and tune into next month’s underrated releases. If you are interested in one of these artists and would love more information about them you can make a request via comment, Facebook or Twitter and a profile of any underrated artist will be posted up in the Kpop forum section by yours truly. Some artists may not have any available information (i.e. profiles, videos, pictures, etc.) therefore not all requests can be fulfilled.

If you missed last month’s releases be sure to check it out here.

Queen J (of Eye to Eye) – Tears (August 1) (Ballad)

Latence – My Girl (August 5) (Hip Hop)

Sumyun Band – Paradise (August 6) (Indie)

Hanny – I’m Leavin (August 7) (R&B)

Min A – Fall In Love (Feat. Jae Seung) (August 7) (R&B/Soul)

Ran – 바닷가에서 내 사랑 고백 들어봐요 (August 07) (Ballad)

Sunyou – Lie (August 7) (Ballad)

D-Day – Shiny Day (August 8) (Ballad)

Soum Band – The Band Soum 1st Digital Single (August 8) (Indie)

Illia – Parting Words = iOne (August 12) (Ballad)

Myoon – 습기의 노래 (August 12) (Indie)

Se Young – 그런 줄도 모르고 (August 14) (Ballad)

The Saw Soul – If (August ) (Ballad)

Choi Young Joon – Bitter Sweet Part 3 (August 16) (Ballad)

Anna(.cha) – My Angel (August 20) (R&B/Soul)

Gome – Dream Song (August 20) (Reggae)

JQ – Tell Me “Yes” (August 21) (Hip Hop)

Baby Sister – Liar (August 21) (Ballad)

Ju Bora – Hello (August 21) (Ballad)

To.S – Maybe (August 21) (Folk, Pop, Indie)

Yeri – Romantic Accident (August 23) (Ballad)

Zeya – (August 23) (Ballad)

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