Gorgeous Suzy Says “What?” on Recent Selcas

Recently on her Twitter on August 27, group miss A‘s member and actress Suzy uploaded two photos of herself along with a short message, “What?”

In the released pictures are reflections of Suzy as she is sitting on a stool in front of a mirror. She is wearing a comfortable outfit consisting of white t-shirt, a pair of black pants and matching sneakers, and a hat. With adorable expressions on her face, Suzy looks gorgeous in these selcas.

Netizens that saw these photos commented, “What a fashionable street outfit,” “Very chic,” “I want that outfit,” “Would love to see more pictures of Suzy,” and “When is miss A coming back?”

Meanwhile, Suzy recently received a lot of admiration for her un-photoshopped pictures taken during “Elle Korea” photoshoot.

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