Lee Hyori Sheds Tears of Joy at Lee Sang Soon’s Proposal

Lee Hyori showed tears of joy as Lee Sang Soon gave a sweet and romantic proposal.

On the episode of “Lee Hyori’s X Unni” that aired on August 27, Lee Sang Soon’s surprise proposal for Lee Hyori was revealed.

On that day, Lee Hyori returned home at a late hour due to SPICA’s album preparations. When she stepped inside, a video that Lee Sang Soon prepared played on her big screen.

The video showed many of Lee Hyori’s close friends such as Yoni P, who congratulated her on her plans to wed, which moved Lee Hyori to tears.

At that moment, Lee Sang Soon entered the room himself, got on one knee, took out a ring and completed the heartfelt and romantic proposal.

After Hyori accepted the ring and put it on, the couple locked themselves in a tight embrace.

Lee Hyori couldn’t hide her joy as she proceeded to tweet, “I was proposed to, let me show off a little,” along with a clip.

The clip showed the aforementioned video that Lee Sang Soon prepared. In the video, he said, “According to my information workers, I heard that you were eagerly waiting for me to propose. So I prepared this proposal that I’ve always wanted to do,” with a smile.

He continued, “Our wedding isn’t too far ahead. Even after we get married, I know we’ll be just as happy or even happier than we are now. You’re gonna marry me, right? OK?” The clip proceeded to show photos of the couple together.

The couple will wed in September. Congratulations!

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