Show Note and Stardom Entertainment End Legal Dispute Over Block B’s Concert Issues

It has been reported that Show Note and Stardom Entertainment has reached a mutual agreement regarding the legal dispute over Block B‘s concert matters.

On August 27, the concert organization company Show Note has agreed to compromise with Stardom Entertainment. Show Note sources commented, “We received 650,000,000 won of advanced payments and other costs from Stardom Entertainment.”

This past March, Show Note sued Stardom Entertainment and said, “Cho PD, who is the CEO of Stardom, signed a contract with us for Block B’s concert so we provided around 600,000,000 won in advanced payments and other album showcase costs. However, after Stardom and Block B went against each other in a legal battle, the contract was not executed.” Therefore, Show Note filed an injunction against Stardom to cancel the contract and receive the advanced payments back.

Meanwhile, the legal dispute between Stardom Entertainment and Block B is still ongoing after Block B lost their lawsuit on June 7