Lim Kim Tops Four Real Time Music Charts Day After Release

It’s only been a day after release and if topping four real time music charts is any indication, Lim Kim will have a smooth ride with her latest single “Rain.”

Released on August 27, the laid-back and jazzy number struck a chord with the listeners as it quickly rose the ranks on real time music sites like Mnet, Olleh Music, Naver Music, and Monkey 3. Some of the song’s biggest fans include big names in the music industry like Haha and Defconn.

The music video captures the whimsical nature of the song with beautiful shots of Lim Kim singing and dancing in the rain.

Her agency stated, “Even though the song doesn’t follow today’s fast tempo trend, it’s still receiving a hot response. It seems that people are focusing on the song that fits well with her charming voice rather than blindly following trend.”

Meanwhile, her second mini album “Her Voice” will be released sometime early in September. Stay tuned!

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