Park Jin Young to Make a Comeback with 10th Album in September

Park Jin Young will be making a grand comeback to the K-Pop scene after a year and five months since his last album.

He will be releasing his 10th album on September 2. JYP Entertainment stated, “As he is halfway through life, Park Jin Young will be expressing his past and his future through his music,” and “The title of his 10th album is ‘Halftime‘ and he will pre-release ‘Love Is Best‘ (working title). On September 9, he will release his title song, ‘I Played Enough‘ (working title) with the rest of his album.”

Park Jin Young’s “Halftime” will contain tracks that tell the story of his life as a singer, dancer and producer. His pre-release track “Love Is Best” will be about Park Jin Young’s earnest thoughts on the purpose of human birth and life. It was written by himself as he was taking a self-reflecting trip in the Middle East and Israel.

His title track “I Played Enough” talks about how he wants to find a clear purpose for life and the truth so that he won’t be afraid even when his life is over.

JYP also released a teaser image for this coming album. The image shows Park Jin Young staring into the mirror that reflects an older version of himself.

JYP Entertainment commented, “Park Jin Young’s 10th album will contain the groove of black music that Park Jin Young always loved, his classical music education he received since he was young, and musical theory education he received from his teacher Kim Hyung Suk,” and “It is a high quality album that clearly shows Park Jin Young’s signature and unique colors.”

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Park Jin Young will be a guest on “Radio Star,” which he will shoot on August 28. Kara will also be guests for that show, where everyone will be talking about their new albums.