Crayon Pop’s Agency Denies Rumors of Chaebol Investment

Crayon Pop has recently been involved in a chaebol investment rumor that has been circulating on the Web from certain tabloids. However, Crayon Pop’s sources firmly denied those rumors.

Chrome Entertainment sources spoke with OSEN on August 27 and said, “We heard the rumors that came from the tabloids. It is definitely not true. Our company does not accept those kinds of investments.”

Other strange rumors about Crayon Pop have been going around such as a political power conspiracy rumor involving the group. To that, the agency also commented, “That is bewildering. It is not true.”

Meanwhile, Crayon Pop has been going through a series of controversies such as accusations of the group having ties with an extreme political right-wing website, costume plagiarism, and issues with the agency asking fans for donation money rather than gifts for the Crayon Pop members.