U-KISS has recently delivered their thanks toward all their fans around the world as they celebrated their fifth year anniversary.

On August 28, U-KISS posted up their handwritten messages for all the fans who cheered for them for the past five years on their official FaceBook page.

Leader Soohyun said, “Thank you for always supporting us and loving us. Let’s all say fighting,” while Kevin wrote, “Thank you for always being by our sides. Let’s be together in the future too. I love you.”

Also, to commemorate this huge milestone for U-KISS, fans all over the world sent congratulatory messages. Flower wreaths were sent to U-KISS’ agency from China, Russia and France.

One particular Canadian fan posted a highlight medley clip of a parody of all of U-KISS’ singles. South American fans made a special video with the beautiful background of their countries to congratluate the U-KISS members as well.

Meanwhile, U-KISS will be wrapping up their Japanese tour on August 30 and will return to Korea in early September. They will be participating in the MBC Chuseok special idol athletic competition program and will continue to prepare for their new album, which will be released in October.

ukiss 5 anniversary