“Expect Dating” Releases More Stills of Im Siwan, BoA and Choi Daniel

More stills of Im Siwan, BoA and Choi Daniel have been released for “Expect Dating.”

The upcoming KBS drama released stills of Im Siwan holding a bouquet of roses as well as a huge teddy bear. He sports a neat and dandy outfit, which highlights his clean-cut and handsome appearance.

Stills of BoA and Choi Daniel in the rain have also been released, which further increased the public’s anticipation for this drama. Both BoA and Choi Daniel are holding up pastel tone umbrellas that match their outfits, making it seem like they are part of a photo shoot.

Sources reveal that BoA and Choi Daniel have gotten very close while filming the drama due to their same age and although they have met for the first time through this project, it seemed like they have been friends for a long time.

“Expect Dating” will air its pilot episode on September 11.

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