Comedian Shin Bong Sun Recently Broke Up with Secret Boyfriend of Four Years

On the recent episode of KBS’s “Happy Together,” which was aired on August 29, it was revealed to everyone’s surprise that Shin Bong Sun recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years.

During the show, one of the guest comedians Jung Kyung Mi stated, “I thought Shin Bong Sun had only one boyfriend in her life, but I heard her say on a show recently that she has dated two men. Then, I heard that she has been dating someone for four years, and just recently broke up with him.”

To this, MC Yoo Jae Suk appeared to be disappointed as he lightly said, “You always said that you have to get home because you had to feed your dog Choco. Now I know that when you said ‘Choco,’ you meant your boyfriend. We have been working together for many years, and you never told me. I am a little bit mad.”

Meanwhile on August 30, Shin Bong Sun’s agency confirmed this and explained, “It is true. She has been dating her boyfriend for the past four years, but now they are no longer a couple. She kept her relationship private, so we only found out about it recently.”

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