Navi Releases 19+ Teaser for “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight”

It has been a year since R&B singer Navi has released new material. Her last release was her EP “Real Love.”

The music video teaser for Navi’s new title track “I Ain’t Going Home Tonight” has been released and has already been slapped with a 19+ rating. The new song will be featuring hip hop duo Geeks. Through the 20 second teaser, a short snippet of the song can be heard and it doesn’t quite sound like a classic ballad track that’s a signature trademark of Navi. With a sultry feeling in the beginning and her strong vocals showcased towards the end, she has definitely got fans excited for the new track.

Originally, her comeback was set for a late July release. However, in order for her to express the new concept, the single was postponed.

The official release date for the new single is September 5th.

Prior to her comeback, Navi will be holding a chat session with fans on September 4 on her Daum fan café.