[Concert Recap] CNBLUE Rocks Malaysian Fans in Debut Concert

CNBLUE has been in the business for almost 4 years and the pop-rock band recently marked a new chapter when they embarked on their first World Tour titled “2013 CNBLUE Blue Moon World Tour. Malaysia was their tenth stop.

CNBLUE owned the show last Saturday at the Stadium Negara as hard-core fans called BOICES joined together for an interactive evening of rock ‘n’ roll.

The evening began with an impressive opening by Koujee Beatbox and his band. The local beatbox extraordinaire entertained the audience with his skills and even beatboxed to CNBLUE’s song ‘Hey You’ and got the crowd to sing along.

There was a video introduction for the band, and the minute CNBLUE took the stage, it was evident that the crowd couldn’t wait to see them. The band immediately started rocking.


Stadium Negara was transformed into a fantastic light show that took the audiences’ breath away. The elaborate lighting and lasers made the indoor venue look lively.


Thousands of fans who came to Stadium Negara got just what they wanted – the many hit songs of CNBLUE which made up the concert’s set list. They performed an impressive line-up of hit after hit such as “In My Head,” “Intuition,” “I’m a Loner” and “I’m Sorry” to mention a few.


Jonghyun declared his love for Malaysian food several times during the concert and even mentioned it again on the group’s Weibo: “I really like Malaysian food too~ I ate well the food that was prepared yesterday. Please enjoy the concert today! Hoot” 


There were also a few fan projects carried out during the concert such as a large cloth with the words ‘CNBLUE We Are Here’ which covered the rock pit during the first song.


And for the first time, the Malaysian crowd got to see them perform their new song “Feel Good,” a song for their Samsung Galaxy phone endorsement that had been released a few days before the concert.


By the end of the concert, fans were left screaming for more and the boys promised to come back real soon. It’s clear this band absolutely loves what they do and they do it the CNBLUE way.


After the concert, CNBLUE left messages to their fans through SNS mentioning that they felt good in Malaysia and promising to come again.