Yoon Jong Shin and Park Ji Yoon Sing “Goodbye” Together in New Music Video

 Singer and songwriter Yoon Jong Shin released the music video for “Goodbye” featuring Park Ji Yoon for his Repair series. 

Repair is Yoon Jong Shin’s monthly music project series where he releases a self composed song once a month.For September he released his duet with fellow Mystic89 artist, Park Ji Yoon. The song “Goodbye” is a melancholic love ballad about the regretful feelings left behind when a love ends. 

A representative of Mystic89 said about the song, “Yoon Jong Shin and Park Ji Yoon sang together in a ballad that matches the cool early fall weather. The song ‘Goodbye’ is the project song for September but was originally a song from Yoon Jong Shin’s fourth album. The original version was sang with Jang Hye Jin. This duet is Park Ji Yoon’s first song since her last album, ‘Dream of Becoming a Tree’, in 2012.”

It was also reported that Park Ji Yoon will released a new album this fall. 

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