Cast of “Hwai” Lavish Praise on Yeo Jin Goo

The cast from the movie, “Hwai: The Child That Swallowed A Monster” have lavished praises on one of their fellow cast members, Yeo Jin Goo, saying that he is an actor that you can’t help but love.

The cast of “Hwai” featuring actors such as Kim Yoon Suk, Jo Jin Ong, Kim Sung Kyun, Jang Hyun Suk and Park Hae Joon were present at the Hwai production press conference on August 3rd. During this press conference they praised their fellow cast member Yeo Jin Goo by stating that “Yeo Jin Goo is someone you can’t help but love.”

Actor Kim Yoon Suk, previously featured in the move “The Thieves,” stated that Yeo Jin Goo is a “Small Giant” and that he “Originally didn’t know who Yeo Jin Goo was” but that they got to know each other better through this movie. He continued on to say that “I began to think that Yeo Jin Goo would be great to have as a son the more I got to know him.”

Actor Jo Jin Ong, previously featured in the drama “Deep Rooted Tree” also praised Yeo Jin Goo, saying that “Yeo Jin Goo is someone that you can’t help but love” and that “During our first recording, Jin Goo came up to me and called me “Dad.” After hearing that I told him that ‘I can give everything to you.’ Jin Goo then asked me ‘Dad, can I grow up to be as tall as you,’ to which I replied, ‘Of course you can, you’ll grow up to be twice as big as your dad.’ He does a lot of lovely things.”

Kim Sung Kyun, previously on “Secretly Greatly” continued the parade of praises saying that Yeo Jin Goo has “The type of masculinity that men look for and he also has the type of masculinity that women look for.” Actor Park Hae Joon also praised Yeo Jin Goo, stating that he “First saw Yeo Jin Goo at a action school. He overpowered me (during that first meeting) and that made me question why I had acted superior to him at first.” 

The new movie “Hwai” is about the story of a boy called Hwai that has 5 criminals as his father and how the leader of the group, Suk Tae (Played by Kim Yoon Suk) turns the boy’s life upside down. The movie is set to premier in October.

You can see the trailer for the new movie below