Ulala Session Remembers Im Yoon Taek and Shares an Updates on His Baby Daughter

The members of Ulala Session remembered their former member Im Yoon Taek and talked about how his baby daughter is doing.

On the September 2 episode of “Beatles Code Season 2” Ulala Session recalled the days when they performed with Im Yoon Taek before he passed away in February of 2013. Member Kim Myoung Hoon said on the show, “When I saw that some portal sites had taken down Im Yoon Taek’s named from our profile, I asked them to change it. It didn’t feel right.” 

MC Tak Jae Hoon asked the members how Im Yoon Taek’s daughter Im Lee Dan was doing. The members replied that she is growing up well. Im Lee Dan was born in October of 2012 and will be turning one year old next month.

On this somber topic Tak Jae Hoon assured the members, “It’s a good thing Lee Dan has many strong uncles who will watch over her.”

MC Jung Dong Min also shared his encouragement by saying, “I don’t think this way with a lot of people but whenever I see Ulala Session I always wish that they will do well.”

Recently Ulala Session promoted their digitial single “Fonky.”